Our Occupational Therapists focus on the following treatment interventions: Child + Family Consultants Inc will help your children gain independence in all areas of their lives!

Occupational Therapy Serving West Melbourne, Palm Bay, Melbourne Beach, Indialantic, and Brevard County, FL


Occupational therapists at Child and Family Consultants focus on the “occupations” of childhood and adolescents such as play, socialization, pre-vocational, self-care and school performance. OT’s at CFC promote the highest level of functional independence for each child, adolescent and young adult who is dealing with the effects of developmental disabilities, mental health problems, learning disabilities or physical disabilities. While pediatric therapy is designed to feel like play, our expertly trained therapists draw from many treatment techniques including sensory integration, “Floortime”, neurodevelopmental treatment, and cognitive-behavioral approaches to build a child’s physical abilities, confidence and sense of self-competence.  Treatment programs are developed in collaboration with parents or primary caregivers.

We place great importance on working closely with parents and caregivers to encourage a sense of success within the child and with the parent-child relationship. Parents and or other family members typically participate in every treatment session, in order to understand their child’s behavior and to help them become better problem solvers as they facilitate their child’s development.

Our Occupational Therapists provide treatment services to a wide variety of diagnoses including:

Autism Spectrum Disorder | Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder | Down syndrome | Sensory | Integration Disorders | Feeding Disorders | Developmental Delays | Cerebral Palsy | Childhood Depression | Anxiety Disorders | Hand and Upper Extremity Dysfunction | Learning Disabilities | Handwriting Disorders


“Sensory Integration is the organization of sensation by the brain for use in everyday life” -Jean Ayres, PhD, OTR 1970’s

Occupational and speech therapists at CFC use sensory integration theory as one way of understanding the many developmental, learning and emotional issues that arise during childhood. This means that therapists at CFC work on normalizing children’s reactions to every day sights, sounds, odors, touch, and movement experiences, help children to become better aware of their body in space, and increase their abilities to manage/regulate their body and their emotions. Inefficiencies in sensory integration can affect academic learning, social relationships, self-reliance with activities of daily living and quality of life.

Sensory Integration evaluation includes looking at a child’s sensory processing abilities as they relate to discrimination of sensory information, sensory modulation and sensory-motor skills. These processes help to identify and clarify a child’s sensory preferences, learning style, and self-regulation abilities.

CFC therapists often develop an individualized “sensory diet” for each child which could include a variety of motor activities (swinging, bouncing, dancing, yoga, etc…), tactile activities (messy activities, shaving cream, cooking, gardening, etc…), self-regulation activities (yoga exercises,  deep breathing, “Brain Gym” exercises, etc…) and general sensory activities (music, sports, gymnastics, etc…) designed to increase alertness and arousal level and prepare the nervous system for learning, emotional regulation and managing behavior.

Our Occupational Therapists focus on the following treatment interventions:

Sensory Processing | Play Skills | Social skills | Fine motor skills | Gross motor skills | Handwriting | Self-care skills | Leisure skills | Pre-vocational skills | Adaptive equipment | Feeding problems | Splinting | And More…