Social Skills Group Programs at Child and Family Consultants build interaction, communication, sensory regulation abilities, and social thinking (perspective taking). Social skills are taught by occupational and speech therapists, within the context of community activities, games and play activities according to the ages of the children or adolescents involved. Social skills programs generally run 8 to 10 weeks, once per week, for a 90 minute session. The social skills programs are small groups, typically including 5 to 7 children or adolescents. The groups are designed for children ranging in age from 5 to 18 years.

Social Skills Goals May Include:

·    Expand language skills

·    Improve ability to hold conversations

·    Improve ability to negotiate and compromise

·    Safety issues in social media

·    Increase social awareness

·    Improve perspective taking skills

·    Increase leisure activities

·    Improve understanding of appropriate friendship and dating rules

Possible Outings

Rock Wall Climbing | Bowling | Exercise Trail at a local park | Beach activities | Local High School Football or Soccer games | Shopping Mall activities | Eating at local restaurants | Roller Skating | Miniature Golf | Visits to Coffee shops